CoolMoo advantage:

* Simplicity

* Sanitary

* Portable

* Inexpensive

* Uses standard milk

* Gives unlimited

* Custom printable

* Durable

* Easy to handle

* Ingenious





Other Products:

Refrigerated Dispensers

* Selection is limited
*Carrying very hot black
   coffee to the milk  source
   increases liability

* Sanitary problems with
   certain models

* Some models force you to
   carry bag-in-the-box
   milk which can only  be used
   in this machine, leaving little
   alternative in an
   out-of-stock situation.

* Units are not portable & require

* Dispensers and/or product are

Ice-Box with Ice Packs

* Doesn't keep milk at safe
   temperatures long (less than one
   hour in tests)

* Customers don't always replace milk

* Limits selection to box capacity

Airpots & Thermos type  dispensers

* Vacuum glass inserts are
   very fragile

* Airpot pump mechanisms are
   nearly impossible to sanitize

Individual Creamers

*Expensive especially when customers
  use more than one.